Travel organized by the BYAI


Customised expeditions and field research

Weekend or longer expeditions are often part of the Arabic language programme but we also organize customised field research for individuals or small groups. We use 4 by 4 cars and our drivers and guides have many years of experience. Using our network of contacts throughout Yemen we make sure our clients reach the unexplored places and have a chance to meet all types of Yemeni communities.

Flights to Yemen

There are several airlines coming into Sana'a International airport but you will usually have to transit through places such as Dubai or Istanbul. Yemen Airlines comes direct from London, Frankfurt and Rome.
In all cases, you should book as early as possible to get a good deal.

Shaharah Bridge trip

Day 1

Leave from the Institute and drive to Khamir and stop for Yemeni lunch.
Continue to Huth, turn off the asphalt road and drive through the cultivated wadi towards the mountains. It takes about 40 minutes off road. The surface has been improved recently but you will still need a 4 by 4.
At the bottom of the mountain we transfer, with overnight bags, into local trucks. Be prepared to ride on the back of an old Toyota. The drivers are very experienced and drive very slowly but this part of the trip is not suitable for people afraid of heights. However, it is an ideal way to take in the amazing views.

Day 2

7.30 Have breakfast and leave to walk over the Shaharah Bridge across to the neighbouring mountain and down through the terraces to meet the cars that will wait for us half way down the mountain. We have to leave early to get good photographs of the bridge. Lunch in Huth and return to Sana'a.

Students' comments

Shaharah Bridge
Shaharah Bridge
"The Institute also arranged regular trips around Yemen, including breathtaking walking weekends in the mountains and Shaharah Bridge. I left Yemen awe-struck, having learned more Arabic in a month over Easter than in three years at university and with a real desire to go back!"
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Contact details: P.O.Box 16250, Nassem Hameed St. Fej Attan. Sana'a Yemen, Tel/fax: 00967 1 425953, E-mail:, Mobile:00967 711783392