Teaching and Learning


Our team

We meet on a regular basis to review the curriculum, share ideas, improve resources and discuss the progress of individual students.

Learning can be fun!
Learning can be fun!

Abdullah our senior teacher monitors teachers’ planning and gives advice. The students complete evaluation sheets in the middle and end of each course. The completed evaluation sheets are posted on our bulletin board and discussed at team meetings.

Identifying student needs

At the beginning of each course the student will make a self assessment using the institute language levels.  She/he will discuss targets for improvement with the teacher. A placement test will then precisely assess speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. This process is rigorous and ensures that the students focus on their needs. As a result the students are much more motivated and gain confidence.

Lesson structure

Each lesson lasts 2 hours with a 10 minute break for tea and a chat.The first hour begins with warm up exercises followed by study based on a text book. The Institute has developed its own beginner's text book which is very successful. More advanced students use Al Kitab supported by our Institute designed materials. For the second hour the focus is on speaking and listening exercises.

International students working together
International students working together

Beginners practise conversations such as shopping, travelling and meeting Yemeni families. More advanced students will follow a range of activities such as interviews, internet research, making summaries and reporting back, reviewing newspaper articles and TV programmes, keeping a diary and talking about it.

Advice on study methods

Learning the Arabic language is not easy and we take time to suggest different approaches to learning vocabulary, writing and pronunciation. We provide computer programmes, Cds, tape recorders etc.

Students' comments

"Abdullah is an amazing teacher who challenges me greatly and improved my understanding of the ten forms. Also the friendly attitude he adopts both inside and outside the classroom make Arabic more accessible to me. ".
Edinburgh University

"Amar is an excellent teacher. He constantly and consistently engages you inside the classroom and is very approachable outside of class time, making learning Arabic an enjoyable experience".
SDU Denmark
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